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True Moringa Hair Treatment With Lemongrass - Spa Medical Solutions

True Moringa Hair Treatment With Lemongrass

  • $ 29.00

Your tresses deserve the best, and so do you!

 The True Moringa Hair Treatment is 100 % natural, 100 % pure and comes straight from Ghana to you. ‘The Magical Tree’ and its oil is known for its light weight and easy absorption. It does not clog the pores of your scalp and lets your hair breathe as you treat them and nurture them with this exotic oil.

The lemongrass raises your spirits, soothes your tired body and calms your mind as you use the hair treatment daily. With daily use of True Moringa Hair Treatment, your unruly frizz will go away, and your tresses will be longer, shinier and healthier.

  • Winner of Best of Indie Beauty Expo
  • Best of NY NOW

In order to bring out this exotic hair treatment oil, True Moringa uses a patented and scientific but conventional method. They work directly with the small farming families throughout Ghana. 1600 such families produce their natural ingredients and receive fair wages and food security. Together, they have planted 250,000 trees to combat deforestation and malnutrition.

 Material: 100% pure cold-pressed Moringa oil with organic essential oils (Lemongrass)

Suitable for: All hair types

Item Fit / Dimensions: 2oz / 60 mL

Made In: Accra, Ghana

So don’t wait anymore. Let your locks shine, bounce, smile and flow in the brilliant curls and waves that define your beauty!

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