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Tinted All-In-One Moisturizer

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Mèreadesso has you covered with Amazing All-In-One Benefits!

Get great coverage, and with the multi-treatment benefits of Mereadesso's All-in-One formula, you'll never need another BB Cream again! The beauty of this Tinted All-In-One Moisturizer is that it takes everything you love about the original All-In-One and goes a step further with sheer coverage.

Skin Care Powered by Natural Extracts

Just like the original this tint includes the all-in-one moisturizer, and serum, and primer, and day cream and eye cream! Still made with our formula's 16 botanical extracts, eight minerals, natural enzymes, and over 20 of the best global antioxidants from around the world.  The Tinted All-In-One takes all that skin care love to the next level a with the addition of concealer that helps even out your skin tone.

Mèreadesso's Tinted Moisturizer is Easy to Use

There are a lot of details to absorb about this product, but it's easy because you can even apply it by hand (skipping the spatulas, sponges and ’professional’ brush application techniques). It's even buildable! With the more you use of the sheer formula, the better the coverage gets. We all have those days when our skin isn’t looking or feeling 100%, and we have you covered…literally.

Feed your skin, cover-up blemishes, and never worry about combining a million products again.

DIRECTIONS: Blend into your skin for a sheer and naturally glowing finish. Apply more any place you need extra coverage.

20 mL / 0.7 oz bottle

The tinted All-In-One Takes everything you love about our original All-In-One formula but also acts as a concealer.

In four shades to match multiple skin tones too!

  • Light Tinted All-In-One
  • Medium Tinted All-In-One
  • Dark Tinted All-In-One
  • Deep Dark Tinted All-In-One

Item Fit / Dimensions: 20 mL / 0.7 oz bottle

Made In: Canada

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