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Rosacea Face Cream

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Chinese Herbal Cream for Rosacea

Treat Redness, Pores, Flushing, Veins, Anti-Acne, Anti-Mite, Roughness, Thick and Ruddy Skin Conditions

Fight off your Rosacea. Get rid of the visible skin symptoms of  Rosacea now. 

Not sure what's happening with your skin? Rosacea may show itself as a rash that causes an area of red, sensitive or inflamed skin.  Or it may manifest with purple-red skin and visible flushing of your face. 

You may see broken capillaries under the skin or other visible veins.  Some people may even get thick skin or rough skin; this side effect is most common around the nose.

There are four different types of Rosacea, and some people will have multiple skin symptoms from more than one type at a time.

The four types of Rosacea:

Type 1: Characterized by facial redness, visible blood vessels, or quickly flushed skin (most common type)

Type 2: Includes acne-like breakouts and skin sensitivity (most common among women)

Type 3: Includes swelling, fluid retention (edema), thickened skin around the nose, redness and various symptoms from the other forms.

Type 4: Rosacea around the eyes (ocular rosacea, this is best treated by your ophthalmologist)

Rosacea and Demodex

There has been discussion as to a skin mite also causing the symptoms of Rosacea. Demodex folliculorum is the bugs name, and it's found on the skin of all humans. However, the mites appear in greater numbers in those who have Rosacea.

Whether their increased numbers are the cause or a result of Rosacea is still under debate. Evidence seems to be mounting that an overabundance of Demodex can trigger the immune response creating the skin conditions associated with Rosacea. This inflammation may be a by-product of the associated bacteria.

Treat your Rosacea with a 100% Natural Herbal Formula

Our Rosacea cream for the face can help with managing the frustrating symptoms associated with this condition.  It's a 100% Herbal Formula containing Agrimony (a member of the Rose family) Radix Stemonae (Bai Bu in Chinese Herbology) and Witch Hazel a natural astringent. See a reduction in redness within hours, smaller pores within days, while improved skin texture and the shrinking of visible veins improve over time.  

Description: Face Cream

Gender: Men and Women

Feature: Rosacea and Acne Treatment

Ingredient: Natural herbs

NET WT: 20g

What are you waiting for? Start treating Rosacea today and start seeing clearer skin!

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