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80Hg Mercury Eau de Parfum 100mL by oneofthose

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Mirroring in a Dream

“My inspiration comes from the fact mercury is a liquid element, not a solid." I wanted to give the impression of a shiny and bright fluidity with metallic inflections, but bright ones. It had to be a fragrance with a powerful impact because mercury for me is dynamic and evokes modern life and technology. I’ve created a metal effect twisted with a clean, technological and vibrant aspect to translate my idea of mercury in scent. For the metal effect, I’ve made an oxide harmony, while a mix of aldehydes, mandarin, and rhubarb reproduce the clean, dynamic and technological character. The dry-down is woody with notes of cedar wood and sandalwood. Antoine Lie.


Irrepressible and unusual while it is simultaneously metallic and dynamic. It is shimmering, silvery and startling: a combination of neon lights, shifting transparencies and installations of steel. It is like a folding mirror, a mirror that magnifies and turns reality. It hovers perilously in the air with its acrobatic oscillations.

Fragrance Notes: lemon, mandarin, aldehydes, oxide accord, rhubarb, blackcurrant, geranium, violet, patchouli, cedar wood, sandalwood, tolu balm absolute

Size: 100mL

Material: Mirroring in a Dream

Made In: Italy

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