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6C Carbon Eau de Parfum by oneofthose

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Attracting Intensely

“I wanted to capture the mysterious beginning of life." With a cocktail of cold spices, cardamom, and icy ginger. Then melted with black peppercorn and pepper blossoms to beckon an irresistible force radiating from start to finish. Adding elegance and freshness with precious iris, aromatic herbs, and sensual resins. Combined with the creamy scent of freshly carved sandalwood, to create the luxurious foundation of the fragrance. For a deep dive into the roots of life. Françoise Caron

6C Carbon Fragrance Notes

Carbon is an unyielding fragrance, very present. The cold spices and aromatic notes give it a purposeful mien. At the same time, it is sensual and dark, thanks to the sandalwood and the resins. It is very earthly; it presents the counterpoint between a flexible substrate and a shrill presence. It is a fragrance that beckons us to the beginning of a remote, primitive path.

Notes: cardamom, icy ginger, black peppercorn, pepper blossom, cinnamon, nutmeg, cumin, coriander, aromatic herbs, carrot seed, iris, elemi, styrax, benzoin, resins, sandalwood, musk

Size: 100mL

Material: Attracting intensely

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