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3Li Litium Eau de Parfum by oneofthose

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Provoking Balance “Lithium to me is the element of contrast." 

While its Greek meaning is “stone,” it is the lightest of metals. Thinking Lithium in this duality, I’ve tried to olfactive represent this contrast in scent.  The antitheses that enhance energy and consistency, with both lightness and subtlety. I have thought it through very carefully. I slowly evoked the essence of Flint, the heat that comes after the spark. I  played with the ingredients to find a harmony of contrasts. The strong presence of woods, cedar wood, and patchouli, the delicacies of the musk, the energy of spice, and the subtleness of rose essence, the intensity of iris and the preciousness of saffron. Here it was born, [3li], the primordial fragrance of Firestone and leather warmed by the saffron and the ephemeral freshness of the rose. Both robust and delicate, a scent memory of lithium...Nicolas Bonneville.

Perfume Notes of 3Li Lithium Perfume

Lithium is a perfume that goes deep. It is in contrast between the fresh notes of the rose and the intensity of leather in harmony. It is a smooth sandalwood, stylish, absolute, with a fruity touch of peach. It evokes a dark suede mixture, thanks to the intense “tonnes” of saffron and iris. Vibrant and alluring, sensual and dynamic, it alternates different “temperatures” and chiaroscuro effects.

Notes: spices, rose absolute, iris, saffron, flint accord, cedar wood, patchouli, leather, musk, peach, amber

Size: 100mL

Material: provoking balance

Made In: Italy

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