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Korean Facial Sheet Masks - Spa Medical Solutions

Korean Facial Sheet Treatment Masks Pack of Fifteen

  • $ 25.95

Masks for Moisturizing, Oil Control, Brightening Skin, Smoothing, Clearing Pores, and Adding Radiance

Fun fifteen pack of one-time use sheet masks for any at home facial treatment. Moisturize your skin, balance natural skin oils, brighten your skin, rejuvenate skin's appearance, and a soothe any problems conditions with these treatment masks for your face. 

Treat any Skin Problem with a Korean Sheet Facial Mask with Natural Extracts!

  • Aloe Vera Mask treats, moisturizes and soothes skin
  • Pomegranate Mask delivers vitamins B1 and B2 for improved elasticity
  • Rice Face Mask brightens skin and treats breakouts
  • Lemon Sheet Mask refreshes skin with Vitamin C
  • Clear Pores with the Mung Bean Extract Mask
  • Cucumber Extract Mask is rich in natural minerals to feed skin
  • Olive Mask is rich in polyphenols to moisturize naturally
  • Ginseng Sheet Mask delivers saponin, an abundant nutrient
  • Acai Berry Korean Sheet Mask to improve skin's firmness
  • Green Tea Mask refreshes and hydrates dry skin
  • Avocado Sheet Mask gives moisture and natural vitamins
  • Blueberry Facial Mask clears and brightens skin's appearance
  • Honey Mask improves radiance and moisturizes your face
  • Bamboo Sheet Mask provides natural hydration to skin
  • Kelp Facial Mask provides vitamin rich nutrition to skin
  • Masks Feature and Benefits: Anti-Aging, Moisturizing, Oil-control, Skin Soothing

Use: Whole Face. Apply to freshly cleansed face, leave on for 15-20 minutes, remove the mask and pat remaining serum into your skin. No rinsing needed. 

Order your 15 pack of Korean Sheet Facial masks today and be ready for any beauty emergency!


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