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Charcoal and Bamboo Soap Duo with Gold Osmanthus Eye Mask

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Brighten your Skin, Treat Blackheads, Breakouts,  Acne and Control Oil With Bamboo Soap and Eye Treatment Masks Set

Enjoy cleaner, clearer, brighter skin with handmade bamboo and charcoal foaming soap. Rich in rare bamboo charcoal composition this soap has an excellent skin care effect.  Control excess oil production, shrink your pores and improve skin firmness. It's an effective solution to skin problems like acne or blackheads. Promote skin regeneration, fade scars, brightening, add luster and radiance with superhero skin extracts from plants

Place crystal in the palm of your wet hands and massage to create foam, apply to your face and gently massage. Rinse with water.  May also be used in the bath on your body for acne prone areas. 

After you've Cleaned your Face Treat Your Eyes with the Included Masks

Containing Golden Osmanthus extracts, these eye masks, will effectively eliminate the dark circles, eye bags and droopy skin around your eyes, but also can treat fine lines and wrinkles while moisturizing the skin of your eyes.

Mask Contains: Golden Osmanthus extracts, Oat protein, Deionized water, Hyaluronic acid

Net Weight: 150g

Quantity: 80Pcs

  1. Clean your face first.  
  2. Apply the mask around your eyes. Smooth the mask by gently pressing them down to ensure good contact with your skin.
  3. Wear 15-20 minutes, remove them and gently massage the treatment into your skin. 
  4. Use 3-4 times per week for best results

Anti-Aging, Radiance Boosting, Skin Clearing, Bamboo and Charcoal Soap, and Anti-Aging Eye Masks are an unbeatable skin treatment combination!


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