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Sugar Stopper 4 Pack - Friends and Family Healthy

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Sugar Stoppers for your friends, your family, and if you're like us - all for you! Keep them handy wherever you need to block sugar or fight off a sugar craving. 

Fight Back Against Sugar Cravings

We keep one nearby in the kitchen, one in the car, one in our bag, and one around the house to fight off late night snack attacks. 

Block Sugar Cravings Naturally

Remember that eating sugar will set up a single feedback loop and no matter how much sugar you eat, the corresponding dopamine released in your brain will NEVER level out. That's why some people may even become addicted to eating sugar. 

When you eat regular food, your brain is capable of saying "Stop Eating."  When you eat sugar this switch never - ever turns off. 

Block Sugar With All Natural Gymnema Sylvestre

You can fight this craving cycle and the feedback loop with the Sugar Stopper. Gymnemic acids work on your tongue and attach to the sugar receptors located there. Once those receptors are taken over by Gymnema, the brain will send out the sugar received signal. Even if you keep eating sugary food, the receptors are blocked. This action breaks the highs and lows of the dopamine cycle for you.  Quitting sugar is finally easy and painless with the Sugar Stopper!

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