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Mèreadesso Cleansing Cloth - Full Size Face and Neck Cloth + Resealable Travel Cleanser

  • $ 25.00

Show your Face Some Love At-Home and On the Road

This new option from Mèreadesso, The Face + Neck Cleanser is now available in a resealable sachet!  This cloth + cleanser is the perfect addition to any travel bag and will allow you to treat your skin with the loving care it deserves while away from home.

A Clean Face Goes Better With a Clean Cloth

The cleansing sachet will arrive with our specially designed cleaning cloth. Used with the cleanser on the road, you can save your face and neck from a scratchy, bleachy, hotel washcloth when you travel. This fabric will dry quickly when hung up and is completely washing machine safe.

12 mL / 0.4 oz. sachet lasts approximately two weeks with normal usage.

Material: The Face and Neck Cleanser is available in a resealable sachet - perfect for your next business overnight, or your next travel adventure!

Item / Dimensions: 12 mL / 0.4 oz.

Made In: Canada

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