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Sonic Silicone Vibrating Cleansing Brush and Waterproof Face Massager

  • $ 16.95

Have Cleaner Fresher Skin than Ever with a Vibrating Sonic Skin Brush Cleanser

Unlike standard vibrating sonic cleansers with bristles and brushes to change, ours is made from silicone and charges quickly via USB cable. Our vibrating facial cleanser is waterproof, lightweight, and the battery life is super durable with 20 sonic pulse speeds.  

Handheld All-in-One Silicone Cleanser 

Sick of buying overpriced brushes? We are too. No brushes to purchase or replacement brush head needed.  Made from silicone your face cleanser stays clean with no worries about bacteria lurking in a brush head.  

Sonic Facial Brush Clears Acne, Blackheads, Dull Skin, and Clogged Pores

The vibrating action clears out clogged pores while the textured surface gently exfoliates the delicate skin on your face. Remove the dry skin gently without harsh brushing that may irritate sensitive skin. 

Massage in your favorite skin care products on a light setting.  Clean your face and use the rounded tip for curves and hard to reach places like your nose.  

The waterproof brushes come in your choice of Blue or Pink. Buy your sonic vibrating facial skin care brush today and enjoy cleaner, fresher, younger-looking skin!

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