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Dr. Tung's Smart Floss

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The Best Floss with Non-Toxic Natural Clean Power

Dr. Tung's Smart Floss® is the best floss! It stretches and cleans to remove 55% more plaque. This Floss is soft and comfortable on your fingers and fits into tight spaces between teeth and around your teeth.  

Remove More Plaque than ever!

Smart Floss® was found 55% more efficient in clinical studies conducted by Genoa University in 2004, with a total Plaque Reduction of more than 70% overall. 

The trial consisted of 40 patients, divided into four groups. Each patient used one of the four types of floss.

  • The first group used a waxed dental floss (similar to Oral-B standard waxed dental floss).
  • The second group used a single fiber dental floss (similar to Gore Glide floss).
  • The third group used fine dental floss (similar to Butler Fine unwaxed floss).
  • The fourth group used Dr. Tung’s Smart Floss®.

Each patient had a dental exam at the beginning and the end of the trial, based on the following measurements:

  • The bacterial plaque index (or the amount of plaque), using O’LEARY’s (PCR) technique, with a bi-tonal plaque indicator
  • The bleeding index, with the (GBI) AIMANO and BAY technique.

Smart Floss®, was not too thin or too slippery and was able to disturb and remove more plaque for the flosser. Smart Floss® is a natural blend of vegetable and beeswax (no petrochemicals!) and it expands, giving Smart Floss additional surface area to better clean spaces between and around the teeth.

The study showed that in general, cleaning was proportional to the size of the floss. Dr. Tung's with it's expanding capabilities was the best dental floss. The smoothest, PTFE floss (Glide) and Fine (Butler) were the exceptions from the group and fared the worst.

PTFE? - Do I want that in my mouth? No. You Probably Don't. 

PTFE is also known as Polytetrafluoroethylene, or Teflon. These coatings are linked to endocrine disruptions and found in the blood of 98% of the current population. The commercial dental floss in your bathroom may not have a Wax coating, instead, coated with another type of PFC or PFOA. These are in the same group of nonstick chemicals as PTFE. The same chemical that keeps your food from sticking to a Teflon pan.

Why Smart Floss® is the Best Floss

  • Biodegradable Container with Ecopure®
  • Fresh Cardamom Flavor. The Ayurvedic Breath Freshener
  • Natural Plant and Bees Wax Coating
  • Gluten Free. PFTE Free. BPA Free
  • No Animal Testing

EcoPure® is trademarked biodegradable plastic additive that causes the plastic to biodegrade through a series of chemical and biological processes in 3-5 years in a landfill. Other plastic types will not degrade for 100's of years.

Smart Floss® is the best floss for a clean mouth and a cleaner planet!

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