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All-In-One Moisturizer Travel Size

  • $ 28.00

We know it's difficult fitting a day cream, eye cream, moisturizer, serum, primer, and night cream into your makeup bag. Now, you don’t have to cram all of those products into a bag and drag it around! It’s the single-step skin care solution for your face and neck that you already know and the to-go size.


Complete with a resealable closure, the Travel Sized All-In-One still contains globally sourced ingredients including sixteen botanical extracts, eight minerals, and enzymes and packed with 20 antioxidants. 

Simple as ever to apply this travel sachet is proof that your beauty regime should never weigh (or slow) you down.

12 mL / 0.4 oz sachet lasts approximately two weeks with normal usage.

Material: Your moisturizer, serum, primer, day cream, night cream and eye cream in a resealable sachet.

Item Fit / Dimensions: 12 mL / 0.4 oz

Made In: Canada


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