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Spa Medical Solutions - Natural, Organic, Medical, Ayurveda, Beauty & Health Products

Welcome to Spa Medical Solutions. Whether you are looking for a Spa Product, a Beauty Product, or a Medical Beauty Product, we have picked the best for you. Our curated beauty selection comes from all worlds - including handmade and small batch manufacturing. We have healthy oral care and new health and beauty products.   

Spa Solutions for Healthy Beauty At-Home

We feature non-toxic and healthy medical, spa, and beauty products. We have items to help you lose weight, age gracefully, get rid of acne and breakouts, heal sun damage, block sugar from your diet, go on a cleanse, and have a less toxic daily beauty routine. 

Healthy Organic Herbal Remedies 

Whether you need a green remedy to treat a bruise, clean a scrape or burn, relieve arthritis and muscle pain, and treat headaches or a migraine we have a solution for you in our Organic First Aid Kit. 

Dental Solutions  - What Goes In Your Mouth Matters

Many oral and dental care products on the shelves today include BPA's, PTFE's, PFOA's and PFC's. These chemicals are endocrine disruptors detected in the blood of 98% of people.  We have effective organic and chemical free options available for your daily dental care. 

Natural Sugar Blockers with Gymnema 

Gymnema Sylvestre. One of Ayurveda's oldest medicines for sugar related problems, like weight gain and diabetes.  Add this supplement to your diet and watch the pounds melt away with or without exercise. 

Stop Your Sugar Habit

The Sugar Stoppers and Organic Gymnema supplements will block your sugar cravings naturally. Pick your favorite flavor in Cinnamon or Peppermint and end your sugar habit the easy way. 

Go On a Seven Day Cleanse to Lose Body Fat

With the Bikini Cleanse! The food-based cleanse to help you drop pounds and lose inches in just a week. Got a special occasion coming up? Look fantastic and enjoy a flatter stomach in just a week!

We are adding new beauty, medical beauty, skin care, first aid, and home spa beauty devices daily, so check with us often! Spa Medical Solutions has products you can trust for safety and effectiveness.