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Spa Medical Solutions - About Us

Spa Medical Solutions

Welcome to Spa Medical Solutions. Tired of noise? You can spend a lot of time on endless searches for the best in the spa and medical beauty products. We offer the same goods and ingredients that are available at the top dermatologists and aesthetics offices. 

We bring you the best Spa and Medical Spa products with in-home convenience. The ones that work.  Backed by science and tested by yours truly. 

We've curated the best and keep it simple for you to use at home. 

Questions? Just ask. We are happy to assist you.  We are always looking for the latest and greatest, and this year we've expanded our site to include a MarketPlace. So if you're launching a beauty, healthy, medi-beauty, or spa product - email us! We've love to consider your product line. 

Organic Handmade First Aid Products from Timeless and Daughters


The Sugar Stopper with Gymnema Sylvestre


Having trouble losing stubborn body fat? What about fat on your stomach? Over consumption of sugar is the #1 cause of body, liver, and visceral fat.  You can exercise for hours, but if you are not eating healthy, then your hard work is not paying off 100%. Sadly, added sugar is in many of foods we eat, and you may not even know it. 

Giving up Sugar is Hard

Did you know some people are addicted to eating it? And worse, when you start a diet or exercise program sugar cravings can kick into overdrive. So even if you don't want to eat poorly, you can feel like you don't have the willpower to stop.  Give yourself a hand. The Sugar Stopper blocks cravings so that you can move on and eat healthily. 

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