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How to Get Even More Beautiful Skin with Yoga

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Natural beauty is what we all crave and want. No matter how many beauty products or makeup that we apply to our outer skin, there is still no match for the natural beauty that comes from within.

Beautiful, glowing, and radiant skin is one of the biggest signs of natural beauty and health. Your skin is naturally beautiful if it is bright and fresh even without a speck of makeup on it.

Natural Beauty with Yoga

Why are you covering up that Beautiful Skin? 

Makeup and concealing skin products are widely used these days. Putting on an outer armor every day has become a part of our regular beauty regime, and we do not even realize what this routine use of makeup is doing to our skin. Instead of covering up what you perceive as a "problem" move forward with the best skin care tip ever. A healthy sweat!

What are you putting on your skin? 

Why would you invest your time and money on a chemical product? Many of them are unnatural or unpure and may contain mystery ingredients, endocrine disruptors, and harsh additives. Go for something that is free of side effects and all-natural. Yoga!

Be even more beautiful with Yoga!

Yoga is a great exercise to fix a lot of mental and physical health issues, and it is an excellent way to enhance your natural beauty as well.

In our post today, we will be discussing a few of the best yoga exercises for natural beauty. Follow these for tips for flawless detoxified skin, healthy digestion, and a gorgeous natural glow.

Asanas for Natural Beauty

Practice Yoga Asanas

Asanas are a collection of different yoga postures which help in improving the circulation of blood in your body, especially in the head and facial region. Some asana postures include Shoulder Stand, Fish Pose, Triangle Pose, Cobra Pose, Child's Pose and Plow Pose. If you are a regular attendee of a yoga class, you will recognize many of the poses listed. 

These poses not only improve overall blood circulation but also help in improving oxygenation in the cells of the body. These postures are super beneficial to help you achieve healthy glowing skin. 

Practice Pranayamas to Fight Acne

Acne is one of the most common skin problems for many people, especially women. For women with oily skin, and in the summer season, acne can be a significant threat. To solve this problem, practice Pranayamas postures like Sheetali the cooling breath and Sheetkari, the hissing breath. These poses will help cool down your body and further cleanse your lungs, cells, and blood of toxins.

Practice Kapalbhati for Detoxification

Kapalbhati is an ideal breathing exercise to detox your body and improve the digestive system. As your body releases built up toxins, your skin begins to look more healthy and glowing. Kapal is forehead, and bhati translates to glowing. Inhale as you normally would, and as you exhale tighten your abdomen. Repeat as needed, and this pose may even be practiced at places like while you are working at your desk. Always focus on tightening your abdominals inward instead of poking out your stomach pot-belly style.

Yoga and Positive Affirmation for Natural Beauty

Practice Surya Namaskar for More Detoxification 

The Sun Salutations! These series of poses are another yoga posture which is very effective to detoxify the body. Not only will it remove all sorts of toxins from your system to give you radiant and beautiful skin, but the series is designed to generate heat in your body.  This heating up of the body creates calorie burn and has you sweating fast. 

The Art of Affirmations

Affirmations make us stronger by helping us believe in the potential of an action we desire to occur or manifest in our lives. When we verbally affirm our personal dreams and ambitions, you empower yourself with a broad sense of reassurance that wishful words will become a reality.

Affirmations are proven methods of improving yourself due to their ability to rewire the brain. Similar to exercise, they raise the fundamental levels of feel-good hormones and even create new clusters of “positive thought” neurons in the brain.

Think about your pattern of thought-speech-action Affirmations have an integral role by breaking old patterns of negative thoughts, which turn to harmful speech, and, in turn, create adverse actions. Say it, see it, and believe it. 

Get even more beautiful with healthy exercise and positive thoughts every day!

Practice yoga daily, say and think nice things to yourself, and eat right. Surprise yourself with even more natural beauty in no time.

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  • I’ve heard of many other benefits of yoga but skin is not one I’ve encounter yet. I would really like to get into yoga but I almost feel like I don’t have enough space in my tiny apartment. I would love to follow some of these tips.

    Michelle on
  • Isn’t it amazing how much we rely on things outside of ourselves to produce healing and well-being?

    I love this because Yoga and paying attention to what we think and our inner conversations mean the difference between being someone who lives their truth and feels comfortable in their own skin vs. those who react to themselves and their environment.

    All of the ideas combined in this post can lead to a happier life and self-awareness. The path to well-being is within…and we can use the ideas mentioned here to aid us instead of relying on miracle drugs, cosmetics, etc to “fix our broken selves.”

    Dana on
  • This is surprising to me I knew yoga is a form of exercise to improve the mental and physical health but I never knew it could also improve the skin this is really informative.

    Victoria Wells on
  • Wow I know yoga is great for you, but never knew it helped your skin! One more reason I need to get in this habit.

    Mandy Robinson on

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