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The Sugar Destroyer - Gymnema Sylvestre, The Sugar Stopper ®

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Why do I need a Sugar Blocker like the Sugar Stopper Anyway? 

Because added sugar is terrible for you and it's in 74% of the food we eat. Some of us don't even realize that we may be addicted to eating sugar. Every wonder why you can't seem to stop eating sugar and carbs? Yep. That's right. You can be addicted like a little rat. And worse, you may be eating buckets of sugar every day without even realizing it.

I eat how much sugar daily

The Sugar Stopper Breaks the Sugar Cycle by Blocking Sugar

The Sugar Stopper works to block sugar in two ways. It blocks the sugar receptors on your tongue instantly stopping sugar cravings. It also binds to fructose receptors in your small intestine before digesting sugar. 

It's a one-two punch to sugar's hold on your daily diet. Gymnema, the active ingredient, in the Sugar Stopper works to lower your blood sugar and help you lose body fat and excess weight.

You can block sugar and stop cravings with the Sugar Stopper

Eating Too Much Sugar May have the Following Side Effects:

        • Weight Gain.
        • Heart Disease.
        • Diabetes.
        • High Blood Pressure.
        • Cancer.  
        • Dementia. 

I can get what diseases from eating sugar?

Save Yourself Now! Get the Sugar Stopper

What is Gymnema? 

G. Sylvestre is an indigenous herb, belonging to the class dicotyledonous of the family Asclepiadaceae. The plant is an excellent source of a vast number of bio-active substances. The herb is cultivated worldwide and is also known as Chigengteng or Australian Cowplant, Waldschlinge in German, Periploca of the woods in English, and Gurmar in Hindi. In Ayurveda, the sugar blocker Gymnema is known as "The Sugar Destroyer." 

The Sugar Stopper in Peppermint Revenge

Is Gymnema Sylvestre Safe? 

It has deep roots in history, being one of the primary botanicals used in the Ayurvedic system of medicine to treat conditions ranging from diabetes and malaria to snakebites.  Early medicinal use dates to the 6th Century B.C.  Today, herbal medicines are gaining interest for the treatment of obesity and diabetes, because of their minimal side effects. 

Gymnema proven by science to block sugar

Why Does the Sugar Stopper Work?  

Gymnemic compounds. The herb’s impairment of sweet sensation is profound and dramatically alters the perception of sweetness in sugar, chocolate, and candy without changing the perception of the other primary tastes.  G. Sylvestre reversibly inhibits the sensation of sweet by blocking sucrose receptors on the tongue. This action also communicates the receipt of sugar directly to the brain via the bloodstream.

How does Gymnema Block Sugar? 

From the tongue to the brain via trans-lingual and sublingual membranes. Several studies have attributed the hypoglycemic effects of ingested Gymnema extracts to reduced intestinal glucose uptake and increased insulin release. This glucose reduction is also a decrease in sugar absorption via your small intestine.

Why Should I Worry About My Blood Sugar Levels?

At last count, 37% of Americans were already showing the markers of pre-diabetes, and 34% of the population currently have Metabolic Syndrome. So yes. The odds very are good that someone you know may have one of these conditions already.

If you are diabetic, clinical studies are showing the safe use of G. Sylvestre.  You should always closely monitor your blood sugar levels with your doctor or other medical professional before starting any products, and during use, if you are hypoglycemic or diabetic.  If you are pregnant or lactating check with your OB/GYN or medical adviser before use.

Kick start healthy eating with your natural sugar blocker, the Sugar Stopper. If you like our post, share it with friends or leave us a comment here. 

Sugar Addiction? Stop it fast with the natural sugar blocker, the Sugar Stopper

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