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The Amazing All Natural Sugar Stopper

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The Sugar Stopper with Gymnema Sugar Blockers and Natural Cravings Blocker

Get ready to kick added sugars out with a spray, with the powerful sugar blockers in the Sugar Stopper. Tell your taste buds they got that sweet something they wanted and then those taste buds on your tongue; send the message to your brain that you've eaten sugar.  Sugar craving over! 

Natural Sugar Blockers with the Sugar Stopper 

Eating conventional foods and eating sugar triggers a reward response and the release of dopamine in your brain. The difference is that no matter how much sugar a person a person eats, your dopamine levels will never even out to discourage you from eating more sugar. When you eat regular food, your dopamine levels even out over time. This unequal dopamine cycle causes you to crave sugar and some people to crave carbohydrates.

The Sugar Stopper can help you block sugar cravings. It's real help from nature in a convenient spray bottle.

Did you know that we are hard-wired to want sugar? Sugar creates fat stores that we would have needed in the past to save energy to ward off starvation. Today if your crops fail you can head over to the grocery store and replenish your cupboard in most of the world. And even worse this biological need for sugar is being over-fed by the concentrated sugars present in ready made foods.

We are surrounded by images of cakes, candy, cookies, and sodas as reward food.

The reality of eating added sugar is a punishment to our pancreas, our liver, our blood pressure, and a healthy weight. Want to lose that extra fat around your stomach? Quit sugar and simple carbohydrates and watch your belly flatten with healthy eating.

The human body is not built to process the amount of added sugar we currently eat every day in our diet. For an adult woman, the American Heart Association's maximum recommended sugar allowance per day is 25 grams or about six teaspoons. For an adult man, the maximum daily dose is about 38 grams or nine teaspoons. For children, added sugars should only be three teaspoons or 12 grams of sugar.

Balance your Blood Sugar Levels with Natural Sugar Blockers

If you drink a single soda, you can expect to ingest up to 40 grams of sugar or 10 teaspoons worth of added sugar.  It’s too much for your pancreas to handle. And guess where that sugar goes? You got it. Straight to your fat cells.  

Give your body a deserved break with The Sugar Stopper.

Time for a Sugar Cleanse from your Diet?

Did you know that many of us are already showing markers of insulin resistance which is a pre-diabetic condition?  1 in 3 adults currently.  And the kids are right behind us at 1 in 4 children with those markers. You can do something about this. 

Shake well and use as needed. Each bottle contains about 240 sprays. For most people, a single bottle will last for two months. For best results use first thing in the morning and throughout the day as needed. In general 1-2 sprays is all you need. When you are first starting the product you may need up to 4 sprays on the tongue. 

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, or prevent any disease. Do not allow children to use this product without adult supervision. 

Order your Natural Sugar Blockers, the Sugar Stopper today!

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