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LED Light Face Mask

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Rejuvenate your Skin with the Anti-Aging, Collagen Boosting, Acne Treatment, LED Light Mask for Spa Beauty at Home 

The next generation of at-home healing and anti-aging treatments for your face, the LED Photon mask. Light therapy works using the sensitivity of cells to light to achieve its healing effects. The human body is capable of using light rays for many reasons. The healing effects of LED therapy depend on the wavelength of the light used (light's wavelength defines its color).

The infrared therapy uses longer waves of light, which can penetrate deeply from to 1 to 1 ½ inches under the skin's surface. Infrared light encourages more activity of fibroblasts, which are in charge of making needed proteins collagen and elastin. Collagen and elastin are support structures of your skin and give youthful skin elasticity. Use our LED mask for new collagen and elastin productions to smooth wrinkles. Treat yourself to home healing with spectral light. Create cellular synthesis (ATP) and increase overall DNA and RNA activity in your skin.

Activate your skin’s biochemical healing process and enjoy the cumulative benefits of treating your skin with LED Light Therapy

LED Therapy works on tired and aging skin. Soften lines, treat wrinkles and lessen the look of folds. Improve skin circulation while adding moisture and skin radiance. Accelerate the healing process while improving elasticity and texture. Stimulate collagen production naturally.

Treat Hyperpigmentation and Hypopigmentation. Age spots, freckles, or uneven pigmentation both light and dark caused by UV exposure. See skin hyper-pigmentation even out with treatments of LED therapy.

Anti-Aging Red LED Light Treatment

This light wavelength can reach down deep into the layers of the skin where it revitalizes and encourages collagen production. Promoting cellular repair and increasing skin circulation. Red LED lights deliver skin renewal resulting in a more youthful overall tone. This light works for deep lines and wrinkles, skin scars, and overall skin tone.

Red light LED stimulates your collagen and elastin fibroblasts.

Acne Blue LED Light Treatment

Blue LED Light was demonstrated to have strong anti-bacterial properties that can even kill the acne bacteria culprit, P. acnes. Treat existing acne breakouts and help prevent further eruptions. Blue light also purifies your skin, stabilizes oil-producing glands, and calm inflammation.

Redness Yellow LED Light Treatment

Yellow light is used to reduce the look of redness, reduce swelling, and help inflammation of the skin.  Whether the cause of redness is Rosacea, or even treating a sunburn. Yellow light fuels new red blood cells in the skin, hyper-pigmentation, and lessens the appearance of broken capillaries.

Calm Skin Green LED Light

The green light wavelength is used to reduce broken capillaries. Firm the skin around and under the eyes while minimizing dark under-eye circles. The calming effect also treats hyperpigmentation and sun spots. Green also has anti-inflammatory properties that soothe the skin's surface and improve the texture of skin.

Purple LED Light for Regeneration

Purple LED light is used to intensify skin cell regeneration. This light frequency diminishes telomeres from the cells DNA.  This diminishing effect on the skin cell brings it closer to a stem cell-like state. This action speeds up divisions and creates new skin cells.

White LED Light for Rejuvenation

White LED light frequencies stimulate cellular renewal, creating the additional production of collagen and elastin. Results include collagen structure remodeling, increased skin volume, and speeds removal of toxins. Create firmer and thicker skin over time. This Korean LED Mask features five light intensities, seven-color spectrum treatments, an auto-timer from 5 to 60 minutes, and auto shut-off at the end of a cycle. 

Check out our handheld 7 Light Therapy for the face and body with Ultra Sonic Waves to speed skin renewal.  Or the pictured full face Korean LED Light Mask.

Whether you choose a LED light mask for your face or a handheld LED device, light treatment for the face and body Spa Medical Solutions has got you covered with seven light spectrums for optimal results.

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