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Jewelry of the Maya Handmade Accessories from Nature

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An Ancient Civilization of Art and Science

The ancient Mayans were a Mesoamerican people that lived in the Central America zones of what is today Mexico, Honduras, Belize, and Guatemala. They are renowned today for their architecture, astronomy, the Mayan calendar, math, a written language, and art. Adornments from this ancient civilization can be followed back roughly up to 5,000 years.

Art of the Maya

The Maya civilization had very sophisticated art forms, and the Maya artisans used both perishable and non-perishable materials, kike wood, jade, obsidian, ceramics, stone sculptured monuments, reliefs, and painted murals. During the initial stages of Mayan development, metal was hard to find so the Mayan's made personal adornments out of bone from jaguar teeth, stones, plumes, and different bright shells from the sea.

When organic assets turned out to be more promptly accessible in the region, the Mayans would create beautiful gems out of gold, silver, copper, jade and bronze.

Mayan necklace with medallion

Early Maya Jewelry

Numerous sorts of accessories were produced using Jade some of which incorporate beaded neckbands, pendants, armlets, hoops, ear attachments, rings, and hats. Fascinating shells were paired alongside Jade as a part of making certain sorts of pieces of jewelry and wrist trinkets.

The Many Uses of Jade

Jade likewise had other essential uses for the old Mayans other than individual enhancement. Jade was the Mayans most generally exchanged thing. The high-class Mayans usually displayed jade gems as endowments. Jade was additionally utilized as an offering to the Gods, as transferring cash, and here and there as a treatment for kidney illness. Religious pioneers and healers used it. Adornments were a method for indicating societal rank and economic wellbeing. Only the most important Mayans such as the nobles, eminent personalities and the exceptionally well off possessed and wore Jade.

maya jade necklace

Following are the properties of the stones that were frequently used by the Mayans as a part of their jewelry:

Tigers Eye Gemstone

Tigers Eye Stone is a brown gem with stunning groups of yellow-brilliant shading through it. This useful stone guides agreement makes adjustments and helps you to discharge trepidation and nervousness from your person. It encourages you to make a move and assists you to settle on a choice without being confused by your feelings and with proper judgment.

Mayan Tigers Eye Necklace

Turquoise Gemstone

Turquoise Stones have been being used for a vast number of years and are a portion of the most ancient stones to be made into adornments. The natural vitality of these stones will assist you to speak with truth. They are a solid stone of otherworldly attunement and are exceptionally lucky to help with correspondence.

Mayan Beaded Choker with Turquoise

Amber Gemstone

Excellent adornments are produced using Amber as it looks like the gemstones that are created by stone.  Unlike mined stones, amber is an ancient fossilization of resin. It is an effective healer that gives the individual who wears it a beautiful feeling of clarity, and well-being while appeasing phobias and fears.


Modern Mayan Jewelry

The Mayan jewelry is now made in various parts of San Cristóbal de las Casas and is crafted by hand into beautiful designs that relive the ancient traditions. The gems and shells are used to make these majestic Mayan jewelry items are the same ones that were initially utilized by the Mayans all those years ago.

These beaded patterns and gems are crafted and made into beautiful jewelry designs by artisanal families.  These beads, chains, necklaces, bracelets and other ornaments are perfect to give you a casual and chic look with any dress from casual to evening wear.

Mayan choker necklace from Spa Medical Solutions

The Ancient Patterns of the Maya 

Weaving was crucial to the Mayan culture. In the ancient Mayan Empires, it was so valued that it was a currency in addition to jade. Nearly every woman in the Empire wove fabric, and the making of textiles was so important that towns had entire districts devoted only to a factory type cloth production. The Chiefs passed fiber to the weavers who were beholden to make clothing for their family as well as uniforms for the military.

The Mayans and the Aztecs traded textiles extensively. The embroidered geometric patterns, animals, birds, and flowers made the fabrics more valuable. Textiles were frequently decorated with new beads, feathers and shells adding to the beauty of the woven patterns.

Gucamatz the Serpent Deity

The serpent is a geometric motif which often appears in Mayan textiles. Snakes are present throughout Guatemala, however, the serpent represented in weaving pays tribute to the plumed deity Gucumatz. Gucumatz was believed by the Mayans to be the creator of the world.  This S-shape is seen in woven textiles both vertically and horizontally.  Spiritual iconography is predominant in Mayan textiles, showing the cultural importance of religion from Mayan folklore and Christianity.

Beaded Patterns of Maya Jewelry

Many of the patterns found in textiles repeat in the woven patterns of Mayan jewelry. Rings, bracelets, earrings, and necklaces pay tribute to the ancient weaving patterns, with many passed down through families over generations.  The placement of natural stones adds to the beauty of Mayan accessories with unique flourishes that are truly unique pieces of art.

Fair Trade Maya Jewelry

All Mayan jewelry featured at Spa Medical Solutions was made by hand by the Family Santos of La Cristobel des Las Casas and are fairly traded.

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  • I majored in archaeology in college so I’m so in love with native-inspired jewelry, especially mayan and aztec. Their mythology is seriously so cool. I’m for sure going to check out the pieces you have.

    Jamie on
  • Wow, these are all such beautiful pieces.

    I think jewelry has become a lost art in a way. We see so many cheap things mass produced that we forget that this type of creativity goes beyond simple vanity.

    It’s so cool how nature provides us with everything we need. It’s just up to us to work with nature rather than instead of it.

    I love the turquoise stones and designs. So eye-catching. Your descriptions let us in on the fact that these pieces, and art in general, were meaningful as they have stories and meanings behind everything. Wisdom is expressed here…and while they’re all so pretty to look at, there’s so much more to all of this.

    And I love fair trade.

    Dana on
  • Interesting, I didn’t know turquoise gemstone has been in use as jewelry as that far back in time.

    Mike James on

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