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How to Quit Sugar When You’re Addicted to It

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How to Conquer Your Nasty Sugar Addiction

Don’t read the title and freak out! You don’t have to quit cold turkey. What you need to do is phase out your filthy sugar habit with the plan in this article. Sugar addiction is no joke, and it shouldn’t be treated like one.

Addicted to Sugar

Most people eat pounds upon pounds of sugar each year. Sugar addiction can lead to all types of serious ailments including the dreaded diabetes. Unless you want to ruin your life by flooding it with a daily load of sweet sugar, you need to act now and get your addiction under control.

The following steps will help you put an end to your sugar addiction for good!

By the end, you will feel like a brand new person, and no longer stuck under the spell of the sugar gods.

Step 1: Put down the soda!

Quitting Soda is a fast way to cut sugar

First things first, soda has no room in your life. It’s time for you two to call it quits and never start dating again. Maybe, a one night stand later on after you finish your steps, but nothing more than a night out on the town. It’s not just soda you need to quit either; all those other sugary beverages have no room in your life. Make water your new BFF!

Step 2: Slowly step away from the cake.

Once you get sugary beverages out of the mix, it’s time to do the same with all those sweet snacks. No more morning donuts or afternoon Snickers bars. Don’t let granola bars fool you; those bad boys are laced with sugar. Instead, opt for fresh foods that you don’t have to peel out of a wrapper.

Step 3: Simple carbs really aren’t so simple after all.

Carbs are Sugars too

Simple carbs parade around acting like they aren’t sugar, but they are. All those refined breads and pastas need to go, or at least be significantly reduced. If you already completed steps 1 and 2, you’re in good shape by now anyway. Expect to experience some weight loss and feelings of well-being after finishing the first three phases. Yippee!

Step 4: You must become one with food labels.

Processed food is hiding sugars so always read the labels

Packaged food does a great job of making itself look much healthier than it really is. Never judge a book by its cover. You need to start reading all product labels to see what kind of ingredients they are using, and how much sugar they contain. Your new job is making sure the sugar doesn’t find its way into your body using sneaky means of transportation.

Step 5: Stay Strong!

You are stronger than sugar addiction

You’ve made it this far, now it’s your job to keep the train on the tracks. You should feel so much better at this point, that sugar cravings are a thing of the past. Bear in mind; most people ingest over 40 lbs of liquid sugar per year! This was you, but not the new you. The new you has sugar addiction under control and buried in the yard in a box. Stay healthy, and embrace your new lifestyle!

Final Tips for Kicking Sugar Addiction Forever

Go Slow on Adding Healthy Sugars Back In

Grapes and Bananas are high in natural sugar

When you first start out, try to limit the number of sugary fruits you eat like bananas. Your body doesn’t know the difference between good and bad sugar just yet.

Congratulations You Quit Added Sugar!

Once you complete the five steps, healthy sugar will taste good and satisfy your sweet tooth. Your taste buds will come back and become more sensitive to sugar. If you do choose to indulge in soda from time to time, it will taste disgustingly sweet instead of disgustingly delicious.

You won and beat sugar

Quit Added Sugars, Get Healthy and Stay Healthy

The bottom line is overdosing on sugar is a big no-no for your body. If you want to look and feel good, you need to start putting a halt to your addiction today!  And if you need help quitting sugar we've got you covered - with the Sugar Stopper, Sugar Blockers and Organic Gymnema!

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  • I will try and follow these steps, I am really having a hard time doing away with soda.

    Michelle Chris on

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