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Eating Chia Seeds Will Boost Your Memory: Mind-Blowing Results!

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Do they really give you a boost? And what are these chia seeds anyway?

We guess a lot of questions appear on this topic. Living in this era of technology and information, one can easily find all those tips for healthy living, diets, and nutrition. And of course, you can’t miss chia seeds.

The seeds of the green plant that grows in South America known by the Latin name of Salvia Hispanica have taken the world by storm. In the past, people were eating chia seeds to boost energy. Chia is rich in carbs, calcium, and antioxidants. The latest news says that chia seeds can help in weight loss.

Chia Seeds for Health - Spa Medical Solutions

But what about our brain?

What intrigues us here is the potential of the answer: Is this seed improving memory? And if so, how can something as simple as a plant seed do it?!

Chia seeds contain a lot of omega 3-fatty acids, which are famous for being a great and powerful food for the brain. The studies have also shown that these acids can help with depression. 

Some people even claim that they can assist the brain cells to communicate with one another. They can give the brain cells efficiency and flexibility which is crucial for the benefits of memory and can help to prevent many, many diseases.

It may not be the carbohydrates, calcium or fiber, but antioxidants certainly help with memory. The result of the study was that antioxidants fight the bad cholesterol and increase blood flow. Both of the outcomes are helping in the improvement of remembrance and brain function.

Isn’t this information enough for you to start believing in the powers of these seeds?  Improving memory and preventing diseases? There's no excuse. If you want to improve brain health, start eating chia seeds on a daily basis.

Eating chia seeds will boost your memory

Chia also contains fiber and calcium. They may not have a direct function in improving your memory.  But they are crucial in your diet. Fiber’s task is to lower your cholesterol, control blood sugar, and take care of your digestive track. And calcium is a must if you want to maintain healthy bones.

So both of these additional nutrients are crucial for your health and well-being. And both of them combined can be found in chia seeds.

Chia Seeds in a Smoothie - Healthy and Delicious - Spa Medical Solutions

How do you add chia seeds to your daily diet?

Next, we will explain various choices in how to incorporate these seeds into your diet and different ways to enjoy them.

With all the proven benefits eating chia seeds will become your go to add on for an everyday meal.  They are very flexible and easy to incorporate into any dish because of their slightly nutty flavor. Mixed with water, they form a chia gel that can be consumed by itself or mixed with other foods. These seeds are used as sprinkles on top of oatmeal and yogurt, mixed in smoothies, and baked into cookies or bread. Yummy.

A man can consume up to fifty total grams of chia seeds per day, and for women, it's two tablespoons or 15 grams, twice daily, that contain 30 mg of chia, 3,000 milligrams of omega-3 fatty acids and 5 grams of fiber. Of course, you should always follow the package labels for their recommended dose. 

Chia seeds are gluten-free and can be consumed by people with diabetes. Athletes even call these seeds superfood and never skip a day without it because it helps them perform at optimal levels for a longer period.

Do you need more reasons to Chia?

Chia seeds are known to be helpful for weight loss.  The best advice is to incorporate these seeds into your diet because they boost metabolism and make you feel full for a longer time, all helpful for reducing food cravings and overeating.

Don't forget that they work better than any topical anti-aging cream thanks to the concentration of the antioxidants, which are a powerful tool against aging.

It's not just  improving your memory, eating chia seeds can boost your brain, and improve overall function and concentration.

You have nothing to lose by adding chia seed to your diet, even if you don’t believe in superfoods. The added nutritional benefits speak for themselves.

Overall conclusion

Chia seeds have proven to have numerous overall health benefits, and are considered as an ultimate brain food. The antioxidants, fiber, and calcium, provide healthy brain activity, improved mood and mental health, and healthy hearts and digestion. They are very easy to incorporate into your lifestyle.

After many studies, it appears that chia seeds have no adverse effect or downside to adding them as a food source. Of course, eating too much of anything is bad for anyone. But if you follow the recommended amounts and consume it on a daily basis, more fiber calcium and antioxidants in your diet are nothing but helpful. There is not one single reason you shouldn't start eating chia seeds today.

Special thanks to our guest post author: Ane Krstevska

Ane Krstevska blogs about self-improvement and her blog Self Develop Shop focuses on personal productivity, motivation, and self-education. Along with her friend who has a Degree in Biochemistry and Genetics, she is developing the blog IBelieveInMotherNature. She is dedicated to helping people make positive change and assist them to stop getting so down about themselves that they feel life is not worth living. Her formula for living is quite simple - live simply, give generously. Come and waste time with her on Facebook and Twitter!


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  • This is interesting. I started eating them for weight loss, but didn’t realize that they were good for memory too. Another bonus!

    Mandy Robinson on
  • I really needed some of this. Recently I saw memory drop and came to this article. Thank you I would try this and let you know results in a few weeks!

    av on
  • We have some great ideas for incorporating Chia Seeds into your diet. Watch your inbox for some great tips on adding chia to things you already eat, and new recipes too.

    Spa Medical Solutions on
  • Great article. Didn’t even know what Chia seeds were before reading this. Been more interested in getting myself healthy over the past several months, so I’ll definitely be on the look out on how to incorporate Chia into my diet. Any good suggestions on recipes?

    Simon on

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