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How to Heal a Bruise Fast With Awesome Healing Herbs

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How Did I Get This Ugly Bruise?

Bruises? Have to love them right? Bump the coffee table? Bruise. Trip? Bruise. Car door catches your arm? Bruise. Hit yourself with your purse hardware while attempting messenger style? Hello, black eye. That’s a fun one. Not just less than attractive, but also pretty much guaranteed to attract concerned stares from well-meaning strangers.

Always falling and need to stop bruising fast

What's Causing these Black and Blue Bruises?

Let’s talk a minute about how bruises get started. They are a response to injury caused by a blunt object coming into contact with the skin. Your upper layer of skin may or may not break with a bruise. A hematoma (blood outside the vessels) forms in response to damage from capillaries (tiny blood vessels) or a venule (small blood vessel). This pooling of blood under the skin is the bruise. Injuries are visible and may turn black and blue a day or even a few hours after the initial injury.

Is My Bruise A Serious One?

Is it just a bruise or more serious injury?

The damage that causes bruising may also cause broken bones, tendon, ligament, and muscle strains, or other tissue damage. The symptoms or signs of these injuries may appear to be simple bruising. For this reason, if you have or suspect any serious injury, be sure to obtain prompt medical attention.

The Four Stages of Healing a Bruise

The four stages of bruises, and bruise healing

  • Hemoglobin, the black & blue bruise caused by blood under the skin.
  • Biliverdin is the green bruise stage as the red blood cells start to degrade.

  • Bilirubin is the yellow bruise as blood cells vacate the damaged area.
  • Hemosiderin, the brown color created by excess blood iron clearing the bruise.

Medical Treatment and First Aid for Bruises

Standard first aid treatment for light injuries may include RICE (rest, ice, compression, elevation), and over the counter painkillers. The immediate application of ice combined elevation of the injury may help to reduce or prevent swelling and the under skin bleeding by restricting blood flow to the area. Rest is also important as it contributes to preventing re-injury. While blood flow is necessary to help the healing process, it's also the cause of your bruise later.

Arnica for Treatment of Bruising

Recently Arnica, both internal and topical cream formulations have been added to the bruise and pain prevention armory.  Arnica Montana is used as to treat external bruising at up to a 50% herbal concentration. It may be taken internally for additional pain relief.  Never take more than the recommended dose internally as A. Montana contains Helenalin, a plant toxin.  A report from the Cochrane Collaboration showed promise for topical arnica to treat osteoarthritis.  

While many have the preference to skip or are not able to take a NSAID painkiller, for many people arnica doesn't work or only gives them minimal results (like yours truly).

Bruises from an Injection Site

Many people are choosing to have a doctor or nurse inject filler treatment for hands and faces. These fillers are used to treat wrinkles, replenish fullness of the skin, and to help us look younger than we were before treatment. These minimally invasive procedures are meant to heal quickly with small injections, instead of a surgical procedure like a face or eye lift. 

Heal Bruises from Fillers with Natural Treatments

Whether you've gotten Botox to treat wrinkles, or fillers like Juvederm, Radiesse or another type of dermal treatment you are likely to get bruising and pain at the injection sites. Herbals, like the ones found in Green Comfort, go to work fast at minimizing bruising and suffering. Not only will you feel better faster, but this also helps you to disguise the visible side effects from filler treatments around your eyes, forehead, and mouth.  

Why Choose an Herbal Bruise Treatment? 

Did you know that many herbals also have astringent properties to help you stop bleeding quickly? This quick action is what prevents a bruise from starting, and also keeps that same bruise from spreading days after it occurs. Herbs with astringent properties include Peppermint, Plantain, and Raspberry Leaf. For home use, you’d need to break these leaves down and make a poultice, then apply it to the skin.

Astringent Plants for Rapid Healing of Bruises Scars Scrapes and Injuries to the Skin

We are all about saving time at Spa Medical Solutions, so while you could get busy wetting and breaking down leaves, and repeat, then apply a wet leafy mess to your skin that doesn't stay on. It's just leaves and water after all. We have something way better!

Meet Green Comfort

Contains all the listed astringent plants and a whole bunch of other beneficial herbs to prevent pain, heal scrapes, and speed your overall healing. No need to gather herbs and get busy with the pestle and mortar, this is ready to go.

Heal the bruise fast and relieve the pain of injury naturally with Green Comfort. 

For Accidents Around the House

Bruiser in the house?

Grab Some Green Comfort and be "Accident Ready" to fight bruises before they can get start started. 

Bruise barely there one day after injury with green comfort

Green Comfort is an effective injury remedy. Pick one up for your home first aid kit and be prepared for any bruise, bump, or scrape that comes the way of you or your family, organically! 

8 Tips to Heal Bruises Fast

  1. Don't wait to treat the bruise. Blood has already moved to an injured area before you see the visible signs of swelling or redness. 
  2. Stop any further inflammation. Use ice, a cold compress, or apply healing herbs as soon as possible.
  3. Try to rest the affected area. You don't want more blood coming in and creating further visible bruising.
  4.  Use an astringent like peppermint, plantain, or raspberry leaf. These plants help to stop bleeding and contribute to clear pooled blood away from the injured place. 
  5. Use an aspirin or other NSAID pain reliever to slow bruise inflammation if that's appropriate for you. 
  6. Don't forget to reapply ice, a cold compress, or your herbs every few hours immediately post-injury. 
  7. Treat the bruise with healing herbs for the next few days, so they don't return and surprise you again days or a week later. 
  8. Once pain has subsided, a light massage to a damaged area can help to remove leftover pooled blood and eliminate the visible markings of a bruise on your skin.
How to heal the bruise fast, treat it with an herbal remedy as soon as possible! Learn more about herbal recipes that work at Timeless. 

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    • This is a super interesting post. I don’t know if I necessarily bruise easily or if I’m just so pale that any one I get is just super noticeable but I feel like I see them on my legs quite often. I’m always running into things and forgetting about it until the marks show up later. I had no idea astringents could be used to help with bruising. Definitely something I want to test out.

      Jamie on
    • So glad I stumbled across this.

      I tend to bruise easily, so this will help. I love the idea of using the leaf astringents. I feel that nature serves a useful purpose when it comes to the healing process, and when we get creative with remedies, we open up a world of possibilities with regard to optimal health.

      Ice definitely helps, but anything we can do to help the healing process is beneficial. Thanks for putting this together.

      Dana on
    • Nice coming across this, my husband got a bruise recently fro falling off the stairs, I will make him try out the herbal remedies.

      Regina James on
    • Thanks so much for the information. I actually got a pretty big bruise recently from falling and I just wasn’t sure if I should be concerned or not. I am going to try the herbal remedies and see if it helps!

      Mandy Robinson on

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