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How to Conquer Headache and Migraine with Powerful Essential Oils

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Suffering from Headaches or Migraines? Read on for Natural Remedies That Work

Every person who goes through regular headaches knows that there are in fact, many types of symptoms and the causes vary according to the kind of problem. Some triggers include lack of sleep, stress, painful sinus, high blood pressure, nutrient imbalance, low blood sugar levels, and poor nutrition, etc. Every a headache is felt in a particular area, in a certain way. Certain individuals also suffer from cluster headaches which cause pain behind the eyes. 

Aromatherapy for Headache and Migraine

The Problems of Migraine

However, migraine is the kind of a problem which is considered the most severe and many believe that there is no cure for it except heavy pain medications, lying down and forcing yourself to sleep in the dark until it passes. What many don't know is that when it comes to headaches, home remedies, and aromatherapy are proven helpers to defeat a migraine.

What About Aromatherapy for Head Ache

Aromatherapy has been used to treat headaches for a long time. It makes use of essential oils give you a sense of relaxation and a feeling of overall comfort for you with its effect on your senses.

The Applications of Essential Oils for Treating Headaches

Lavender Oil for Headache and Migraine

Lavender Oil for Migraine

Migraine a problem without a known cause. However, studies have revealed that it may be the result of stress, lack of sleep or hormonal imbalance. Whatever the reason is, you should take advantage of the natural healing properties of Lavender oil to deal with it. In clinical studies, Lavender Oil had a proven relief effect over a placebo oil in a study of 129 headache attacks in adults. In that group of 129, 92 individuals responded with full benefits in treating head pain or experienced partial pain relief due to the lavender oil.

How to Apply Lavender Oil for Head Pain Relief

Always dilute Lavender and other oils with a carrier oil instead of direct oil contact with your skin to avoid irritation. Apply the lavender oil at the back of your neck and on the temples of your face. This application will provide you with instant pain relief while lowering down the feeling of nausea and uneasiness due to anxiety. 

The Natural Chemicals in Lavender Oils 

Lavender is a complex structure of compounds with over 150 active parts. This oil is rich in esters, which are the aromatic molecules that suppress spasms and pain, along with their calming and stimulating properties.

The primary plant botanicals of lavender oil are phytochemical possessing high anti-inflammatory properties, terpinen-4-ol (antibacterial), and camphor with properties of antispasmodic, decongestant, anesthetic and sedation. All-paramount compounds to overcome your head pain; whether that pain in your head is caused by stress, or even from cold and flu.

Other components in lavender oil that are responsible for its anti-inflammatory properties include cis-ocimene (a hydrocarbon), lavandulyl acetate, limonene and geraniol (two penetrating agents).

FeverFew for Head Pain

Feverfew for Migraine

The herb Feverfew is used to treat headaches since the ancient times. It has light yellowish leaves and daisy-like flowers. It is very popular in the world of treatments for a migraine. Apart from a migraine, feverfew is also known for its insect repellent quality.

How to Use Feverfew to Treat Migraine

You can eat the leaves in dried form or let the aroma work to soothe your senses and relax you. It is suggested to harvest the leaves when they are free of moisture and let them dry away from direct sunlight. Try to keep them in the whole form until you use the dried leaves. Using it daily can prevent headaches, especially migraine. Feverfew is a potent anti-inflammatory, and its ingestion and use is contraindicated for pregnant women.

Feverfew, also known as medieval aspirin or wild chamomile, is an herb with anti-inflammatory properties. In the past Feverfew was used to alleviate arthritis and inflammation.

Clinical Evidence of Feverfew in Preventing Migraine

In the lab, evidence shows that Feverfew is a very strong anti-inflammatory herb with the active compound of parthenolide. Parthenolide is the agent responsible for Feverfew’s anti-inflammatory action. The extract stops platelet clusters and pauses the secretion of inflammatory and allergic substances like histamine and serotonin from bloods cells. This inhibits the synthesis action of prostaglandins in cells and tissues, preventing the spasms of blood vessels in the head that trigger migraine. The result of this activity is a reduction in the severity, duration, and frequency of migraine headaches. Tada!

Wormwood for Migraine

Wormwood is yet another herb known to provide you relief from headaches. It has dark green leaves and is also known to work on awakening your senses letting your artistic skills guide you to the path of creativity and inspiration. All these things can relax your mind and eventually keep you away from headaches.

How to Apply Wormwood Oil for Headache

The liquid is rather dark green and contains a warm yet spicy odor. Since the consistency is medium and, it is a strong oil, a mix of sweet essential oils can create the best solution as a whole. A carrier oil like rice bran or almond oils is also used to dilute the wormwood oil.

Wormwood Method of Action on Head Pain

Wormwood or Artemisia absinthium is a nervine tonic. This tonic soothes your nervous system helping to ease stress. This tranquilizing action will calm and soothe further reducing any tension or anxiety that you may feel. 

Wormwood contains absinthin, a compound of herbal analgesic that works on the medullary portion of your brain to help induce a further state of relaxation. 

Lavender Feverfew and Wormwood for Migraine and Headache

Pulse Points for Healing Migraine and Headache

Forehead temples and the lower neck where it meets the back are the areas where essential oils are usually applied when it comes to relief from headaches. Many people just fall in love with the smell and let that soak in to relax the mind and body. 

Other pulse points include the inner wrists that may be helpful for inhaling healing aromas from Lavender, Feverfew, and Wormwood. 

Acupressure Application Points for Migraine and Headache Relief

You may also apply one or two drops of healing essential oils to acupressure points located between your collarbone and your shoulders. This location may also be massaged and held for the relief of muscle tension. 

Another compelling point of healing is located at the base of your skull. With your fingers find the hollow depressions at the left and right of your spine and lightly massage.  This point aids in relieving dizziness and eye pain. 

Find Hoku to Relieve Migraine Nausea

With your opposite hand feel between your thumb and your forefinger for the fleshy mound in the middle.  When you find it you'll know - this spot may be painful when you apply pressure to it.  Gently squeeze with your thumb and forefinger and lightly massage with or without your essential oils for relief of nausea or vomiting caused by a migraine. 

Recovery from Head Pain Fast

Aromatherapy with essential oils is a powerful natural helper in overcoming migraine and other headaches.  Have you used any of these treatments to overcome a problem? Leave us a comment below! And if you know anyone who would be helped by our healing tips, share this article with them!

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  • I don’t suffer from migraines but I can attest to the power of essential oils for other uses! I got my first aromatherapy diffuser for Christmas and have been using it with peppermint oil non stop. I have anxiety and this really helps me relax enough to fall asleep. I can’t wait to try more oils. Lavender is next on my list.

    Michelle on
  • I know a lot of people who suffer from migraines. They sound awful, so anything that can help is a huge benefit.

    I personally LOVE lavender oil for many reasons, so it’s cool to see it can be used to help with migraines.

    The pressure point manipulation and acupuncture are known to have some amazing healing benefits. I know everything in our bodies has to do with energy, so moving it around and releasing it are concepts that I’m sure can help with just about any condition.

    Dana on
  • Excellent post! In-depth, long but very clear and interesting to read. Kept my attention the whole time. This is definitely something I will start practicing.

    Ane on
  • Great post and info! I am still amazed at the powers of essential oils! So, wonderful to see posts and info like this!

    Zach Loescher on
  • I have experienced Lavender oil, and it is very effective!

    Mojgan on

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