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The How to's: Quick and Easy Polish Changes

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I love fun polishes on my fingernails.  What I don't love is scrubbing my nails repeatedly to get a glitter coat of nail polish off. Or attempting to get black, burgundy, and blue polishes off my nails. The runoff from removing those colors ends up under your fingernails. Leaving you using even more nail polish remover trying to clean that mess up too. 

My nails have been through the ringer lately.  Between soaking them in acetone and the horrible metal scraper to remove Gel Polish at the salon, they needed a break.  Because that’s all they were doing – breaking.  So I am giving them a break from acetone and buffing so they grow back stronger.

 Here’s my current Go Deeper or 'Sea Witch' Manicure:  Orly FX Nail Polish Go Deeper

I’m definitely not an expert at painting my nails and in general, I barely have the patience to wait for regular polish to dry.  Hence the gels.  Since I am off of those entirely, I usually bring my own polish to the salon so I can later match the inevitable smudge I get from hitting something in my car.

As I seem to spend a lot of time fixing up my manicures at home anyway. I was really excited to try Orly One Night Stand.  There is a new world of peelable base coats – no acetone or remover needed, hooray.

Here’s what it looks like peeling off: Orly One Night Stand Peel Off Base Coat

 If you haven’t seen One Night Stand yet, it is white and it goes on a bit like Elmer’s Glue. Make sure you use a thin coat otherwise it runs a little. Fortunately, It’s easy enough to clean up the excess with another fingernail off of your cuticles.

Orly Peel Off Base Coat One Night Stand

Here comes the hard part. You have to wait for it to dry. Luckily that’s about 5 minutes. Then apply the nail polish of your choice.

I am keeping my Sea Witch manicure for Halloween so I’ve decided just to fix up my existing polish. On the package, it tells you your One Night Stand Basecoat will last 1 or 2 days.  I’ve had this current color on for 4 days. I have a few little chips, but otherwise it stays on really well.  Especially considering you don’t use any topcoat.

And here is my freshly repaired index finger: Orly FX Nail Polish Go Deeper Glitter

The great thing about repairing one nail at a time is that you can still do other things. Like, type a blog post. Once my polish is dry I usually use lotion and a nail brush to clean up my cuticles easily.

 Orly FX Orly One Night Stand Peel Off Base Coat

I picked up my Orly products at Sally Beauty.  They are available online too.  Try it out and tell us what you think. 

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