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7 Amazing Ways Moringa Oil Can Solve Your Skin Woes

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Moringa seed oil is very popular amongst people who are conscious about their health and beauty. This oil is extracted from the Moringa Oleifera Tree and is naturally abundant with plant phytonutrients. It has three names depending on the trees distinct genus. These are Moringa, Ben, or Behen Oil

One aspect all Moringa oils, Ben oils, or Behen oils share is the high amounts of behenic acid extracted from the seeds. This extracted oil is very beneficial for your skin, your hair and your body’s overall health.

Moringa Oil Extract

Are You Familiar with Healthy Fats? 

Moringa oil is comprised mainly of monounsaturated fatty acids and saturated fats. It is super high in Omega 9's or oleic acid, that make up about 70% of the oil. It is a great substance to use for various conditioning treatments. You can use topical Moringa oil for your hair, scalp, skin, nails - anywhere your like.

A Power Punch of Vitamin E

Moringa oil contains three distinct varieties of Vitamin E. They are α-tocopherol, ϒ-tocopherol, and δ-tocopherol. Vitamin E tocopherols are high in antioxidants.  They protect the skin when applied externally and is a natural immune system booster.

It's anti-inflammatory and antiseptic. You can use Moringa oil to boost your immune system as well as to enhance your beauty. Let us look at a few ways in which you can use Moringa oil for beauty purposes.

Moringa Oil for Skin Care

1. For Naturally Glowing Skin

Moringa oil is an ideal product to use if you want radiant and fresh skin.  It purifies your skin and reduces any signs of stress or fatigue. It makes your skin glow from within, and the Oil even acts as a facial cleanser

2. For Anti-Aging Purposes

Moringa oil is a great anti-aging agent. By applying it to your face, you can reduce wrinkles and fine lines from appearing on your face and neck. With Moringa oil also naturally rich in antioxidants which potentially slow down the aging process of skin, anywhere you apply it.

3. Prevent Acne, Blackheads, and Dark Spots

Acne, blackheads, and dark spots are some of the most common skin problems. The use of Moringa oil can give you the flawless skin you are dreaming about.  Balance your skin's natural oil production while reducing the buildup of bacteria's that create breakouts.

4. For Fixing Burns, Cuts, and Rashes

As mentioned, Moringa oil has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. These properties are why you can use Moringa oil to help heal minor burns, rashes, and even insect bites.

Moringa oil pacifies dry skin, irritated skin and even contributes to treating skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis.

Beautiful Hair and Skin with Moringa

5. For Moisturizing the Scalp

Moringa oil has various benefits when it comes to hair. It can moisturize and nourish your dry and itchy scalp. Just massage the oil into a wet or dry scalp and shampoo it away after some time. Ben oil is an ideal treatment for people with dry scalp.

6. For Healthy Hair

Regular use of Moringa oil can strengthen your hair strands and make them healthier. Moringa oil contains essential vitamins and minerals, and when this oil is applied to your hair follicles, they become stronger and healthier overall.  Just a few drops are all you need!

7. For Fighting Dandruff and Split Ends

Dandruff and split ends are two of the very normal hair and scalp problems faced by many people. Moringa oil has healing properties which help your hair become stronger and prevent and cures split ends. Not only do you get softer hair but with regular use the Ben Oil normalizes and moisturizes your scalp and gets rid of the dandruff issue for good.

Moringa Oils Remain Fresh Naturally

This oil resists spoiling naturally and is used as a preservative in certain products. Moringa oil takes on the aromas of other essential oils and aromatic compounds like herbs, seeds, spices, even chemical compounds. This absorbing quality makes the Ben Oils the perfect perfume base too.

At-Home Beauty with Moringa

Exfoliate and drive away dead skin cells with a natural mix of healthy oils like olive and moringa with some sugar for a gentle face and body treatments. You'll have a home made natural exfoliant that even resists spoiling.  Alternately mix Behen and Olive Oil with coarse ground salt for and apply to your feet for a pedicure softening treatment. 

Natural Remedies with Moringa

The many benefits go beyond just the topical treatments. Moringa oil also provides numerous benefits for organ functions, like your liver if taken for medical reasons.  Moringa oil shows promise to improve liver health in people who have suffered toxic liver damage. The liver, when it gets damaged releases signals that are monitored by blood testing.  These tests are blood serum ALT and AST levels.  Studies have shown that internal consumption of moringa oil lowered ALT and AST levels in people whose livers were damaged by toxins.

For medical use, it may also lower blood pressure similar to olive oil. Of course, always ask your doctor before internally supplementing Moringa Oil.

Use Moringa oil on a regular basis for all its many beauty and health benefits! And if you liked the article give us a share! 

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  • How have I not heard of this before? Its sounds great. I can’t deny that I need something with these kind of benefits in my life. I haven’t seen it anywhere in stores in my area though. Where can I buy this?

    Michelle on
  • Your blog is so cool :)

    I love learning about natural remedies for things. I’ve never heard of moringa oil, but now I’m intrigued. I have no doubt that many (if not all) of the plants and other aspects of nature offer multiple benefits. If you think about it, before the world became so westernised, medicine was homoeopathic, so it makes sense that what we need is out there…ready to be creatively worked with for a variety of different things.
    Thanks for putting this together.

    Dana on
  • This is news to me as well, I will try this moringa oil and see if it will work for me, I have issues with dandruff.

    Ruth Roberts on
  • I have heard about moringa that it has a lot of medical benefits but I didnt know the oil could be used for skin and hair tretment, I will get the oil and try it out.

    Angela Smith on

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